If you look carefully, there is a calf between the legs of the elephant on the right. His trunk is best visible
He is about 18-24 months, and thus can no longer fit "under" the mother.
With his trunk he feels his mother's breast ...
...aligns his mouth...
...and position the nipple in his mouth.
A little adjustment 
Some massage
Gulping down !
"Mom !! Don't move !! I lost it !!"
"Slurp, this is yummy !"
Try some more...
Nipple guidance...
... and massage !
This very young one was trying to drink like "the big people"
But calves younger then 2 years have not master the technique yet
"Hey mom, show me how to do !!"
"It's NOT working !!"
Back to real drink !
"Mom's knockers are the best !"

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