A scoop of pelican at dawn
Matutinal courtship...
... playing hard to get... or not ready yet !
Those hippo incisor can cause horrible wounds ...
... this large gash looks like a Tessier Cleft 7 !
A crash of hippo looking at us !
The Go-away bird ! I love that name !
Note how some areas have tall grasses while others are rather bare
The unicorn Steenbok !
This hippo has an ugly festering mid flank injury and another that narrowly missed his left eye
A dead giraffe... cause unknown but not a predator since it is not eaten
White-backed vulture
Wattled cranes
Help! I could not identify this bird !
The Wattled cranes in front of a "Sleepopotamus". He was not dead as he occasionally blinked his eyes, but he was very still :(
Sacred Ibis because it was the bird of the Egyptian god Thoth (the god of wisdom, reason, truth, knowledge, learning, study, writing and mathematics !!! Pfeww what a good guy !  We should restart that god !) 
Help ! Another I could not identify !
The sandy path
A pretty bare patch
The Okavango slowly rising
Monitor lizard
No danger to the impala !

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