Early sunrise
Bachelor Lechwe
The "Happy" termite mount
Back light on the tall grass
The baobab on the very left !
Crowned Lapwing
Wattled Crane, note the red peppercorn like wart at the base of the bill
Looks rickety but it held !
The Sausage tree
A very brief glimpse of a leopard
This is the left-over water hole in which the hamerkop (look for a small bird) was fishing
Fish eagle eating a bird (small piece of meat on his beak)
Barely high as the grass !
His bigger sister
Not easy to nurse-and-walk
"Mom ! I want milk, I am thirsty !"
Still covered in lanugo
Hop hop...
"It's too high !"
"And going in front does not work either :("
Persistence is key for subsistence 
Yum !!!
Strong foreskin !
The fly 
A little tear
I have great admiration for elephant feet! Support so much weight and no cracks ! But this guy would benefit from a visit to the nail salon !
Furry crus helix !
A kiss
Busy, busy !
The beautiful resort !

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