Kansas: Konza Prairie Valley lookout, a place the pioneers went though
Pronghorns in the morning light
Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve
These dunes are very tall, the "little fuzz" on top are visitors !
Arches National Park Utah
Many rocks in precarious equilibrium !
Note, in the bottom left, the 2 tourists that help give a scale to the rocks
The petrified dunes
The balanced rock
I was too short of breath to visit most arches but they look tempting
Hard place to grow for a tree
The delicate arch
The next morning we had pleasant sunshine for a few hours
Designs in the sandstone
Tiny people in big landscape
The double arch
Deep canyons
But then obscured by a snowstorm !
From Canyonland to Capitol Reel
These rocks looked like layered chocolate cake with dusting of confectioner sugar !
Pretty snow covered tree
The dome that inspired the pioneers to name the place Capitol Reef. I would have voted for a more feminine part !
Beautiful snow covered valley
On the way to Salt Lake City Utah
Almost looks like the North Pole !
An odd chair in the water
Rye patch State recreation area. 9 Blue Herons suning

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