Female (left) and young male lions eating a giraffe
They had already eaten the chest and abdominal cavity content, both thighs and calves and shoulders and forearms. Only the cannon bones and its meager muscle covering were left. Here she is eating the tail.
......but it is hard !
Giraffe spaghetti ? Giraffes have very tough tendons and ligaments to help balance the forces on their  bones and reduce demands on their muscles 
Crunching the more cephalic chondrocostal cartilages (the lower ones are obviously already eaten!)
Biting the tail
The tail is broken
Good renal function too !
The last drop
Look how far he has his head in the upper chest cavity: note the ears !
Iliac wings are like crackers for lions :)
This Yellow mongoose would like to share in the meal but is afraid of turning into a snack !
Note how they carefully peeled all muscles from the skin, I have done this on sheep and deer and it is not easy
She is gnawing at the sacrum
Not much left the next day. Note how clean the bones are !

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