I have been fascinated by elephants drinking. It sounds simple really: Aspirate water, fill the truck and blow it out into the mouth ! But how do THEY both blow and drink at the same time ? We humans cannot do that ! Water would go through our glottis and enter the lungs. I cannot find any information on that and the Smithsonian Zoo is not answering either.
I don't think the water is expulsed from the trunk by peristalsis either as the jet they can make is pretty high pressure

Synchronized drinking
Some unavoidable spilling...
Don't step in my drink !
"Mom you got your drink, now I want mine !"
Now you know why baby elephants don't have tusk ! They would stab their mother ! 
When the right breast is empty, go around mom...
... and drink the left breast !
This female as a backward-growing tusk! Elephant birth defect !
Her left tusk seems less worn out, probably she did not find a useful way to use it !

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