Red-footed booby
Frigate bird
Galapagos sea lion
Swallow-tailed gull
Let me see what you have there..
...hum that feels good!
Great Frigate bird, juvenile
Adult Red-footed booby
Galapagos Dove
I'm hungry!
Red-footed Booby, "Light morph"
Red-footed boobies vary from white with brown outlines on the wings to all brown. They can all interbreed.
Red-footed Booby, "Dark morph"
Red-footed chick
"You think ?"
Hard to grasp the branches with these palmed feet !
No Q-tips !
Look at me !
Nazca booby (the biggest booby)
These are the boobies who lay 2 eggs and one of the chick will fratricide the sibling :(
"Ladies.. come here !!"
Female Frigate bird
"Stop pruning your belly and look at me!"
How to scratch that bug of my pouch ?
The Einstein hairdo 
Lava heron
"...also works as a pillow !!"
Juvenile Sally Lightfoot crab
Galapagos Mockingbird
Darwin's finch
Red-footed boobies couple with a dark and light morph
Sally Lightfoot crab
Sea lions playing
Red-Billed Tropicbird
Waved albatross
Bad feather day !
Brown Noddy tern
"Who are you ?"
Short-eared Galapagos owl
"When do you think the signal will turn ?"
Bryde's whale
"Finally some tree to scratch that itch!"
Well hidden in plain sight
"You have pretty eyes!"

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