Sally Lightfood crab
Galapagos marine iguana
Spiky spine care! 
Basking in the first rays
"Let me tell you a secret !"
"Go on Junior"
"Do you think she is tasty ?"
Time for a new skin!
Total relaxation
I'll eat that fly !!
Lava lizard
"Don't look at me with those eyes !"
Rope lava
"Great view from up here!"
"Does he want some petting ?"
Flightless cormorants nesting
A gift of nesting seaweed
Ventilating for cooling
"Anchovy-flavored" milk
Drying time
"Hard-Rock" nest!
Protecting the eggs from the sun
Crawling under a rock
"Anything to eat here ?"
"Yummy squid!"
Hard to catch
"Got it !"
"I could go for seconds!"
Sushi dinner!
"I like squids too!"
Lava heron, with opportunistic Sally Lightfood crabs ready for a piece
Driftwood and iguanas
King of the hill!
Teenager whale skeleton bleached by the sun. It must have been a formidable storm to bring it that far from shore.
For those who wondered why I said "teenager whale, here is the clue: unfused epyphisis!
The pathologist examining the neuroforamina
Landing in the fog
Hard to sun up in this fog!
"Tell me stories from where you come!"
Black mangrove
Not much to eat here!
The photographers photographed
Rock-Paper-Scissor or Rock-Driftwood-Iguanas ?
I need knew-pads
Hard to keep a clean fur while climbing on this sand
The cruise boat

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