Black drongo
Common Redshank
Black winged stilt
Painted stork
Eurasian Thicknee
Spotted Owlet, she may look like she is sleeping but she keeps her right eye barely open to check on surroundings!
She got a little shell !
White breasted waterhen
White-throated Kingfisher with broken top beak 😢
"Make sure before you dive this is really a fish and not a pebble ! "
Rose-ringed Parakeet female (no ring)
Spotted Owl
I would be so happy if I could turn my neck 45 degrees, and he can do 270 degrees easily ! They can do that without having a stroke because the vertebral arteries are passing through transverse foramina 10 times larger than those of humans. They also have 14 cervical vertebrae instead of our 7 !
Pond heron
Oriental Darter Anhinga
Great White Egret ...
... with "bad feather day" 😂
Juvenile painted stork
Indian Magpie
Juvenile painted stork
Babbler in morning toilet. They make a sound that is so similar to that of a Geiger counter!
Crested Serpent Eagle
Grey Thicknee
Oriental Magpie Robin
Grey Thicknee
Spotted Owl
Crested Serpent Eagle
Gray Heron

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