Cedric & Marc's  Cessna 185
Which one do I need to look at if I fly ???
Cedric's first airplane: the Airbike, after many modifications made by Cedric
He had build one before but it did not fly
Cedric and Marc's first jointly own airplane: the RV6
The AirBike
The RV6
The Cesna 185
Emma, Cedric & Caroline, Marc
Like a heavy grocery cart !
All 4 snugly placed together
Cedric & Marc in their office
The whole gang from GreenBotics/SunPower
Solar lobsters !
Emma preparing them !
Thao's first glider flight !
The tower plane
Ready to fly !
Instructions :)
Here we go !
"This was the most beautiful trip of my life ! Thank you Cedric !"

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