Philippe Jeanty and his homonym Philippe Jeanty
We share about 13,800 results in Google (in the illustration I forgot to use quote marks!) 
and our internet lives have been entangled for ever :)
... even in our images...
The story began many years ago. I went to a meeting in San Diego, and the hotel reception asked me why I had two room reservations. This was long before Internet and I assumed a duplication from the travel agency (remember those ?) and my secretary. I cancel the second room. As I arrived in my room, the phone message light is blinking. I do not understand any of the messages and delete them all, then go down to register to the meeting. “Hi I am Philippe Jeanty from Vanderbilt”. “Oh we have you from Moet & Chandon”. After a few more misunderstandings I realized there must be another Philippe Jeanty. I called him and we met in the lobby. We have intermittently communicated and maintained a friendship ever since.
Dinner with the kids at his restaurant.
Danton, Cerine, Emma, Cedric, (Thao taking the picture), PJ
Cerine had some patient who, seeing her name tag in the elevators at UCSF told her: "I love your dad's restaurant!".  "Oh no ! My dad is the other one !"
I receive a dedicated copy of his menu and gave him some DVDs !
When I made the reservation, I of course, made them under the name "Philippe Jeanty". When we showed up she said: "I though this was a joke !"
Best dinner I had, even if i did not made it !
Another dinner 5 years later

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